Social Design



Company Social Design Co., Ltd. is a group company of JR East Urban Development Co.
CEO Jiro Aso
Establishment 01/04/1998
Address 〒153-0042 3-10-3 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Capital ¥85,000,000
FAX 03-6447-2203
Office Hours 10:00〜18:00 *regular closing day
Business Buying and selling real estate
Real estate leasing, management, and subleasing
Share house planning and management
Restaurant Planning and Management


Share house planning and management

Sublease business
This is a plan where a fixed amount of rent is paid to the owner every month. Renovation and other construction costs are borne by the owner, but may be covered by us depending on the terms of the lease.
Management Business
For a monthly management fee of 8%~15% of the rent received, we will take care of all the necessary work for managing the share house, including recruitment, collection, and management.
Brokerage business
A system that focuses on monthly tenant recruitment and management.

Real Estate Investment Consultant

Flow of investment consulting for share business
  1. 1. Selection of property
  2. 2. Appraisal of asking rent and expenses
  3. 3. Prepare estimates for renovation
  4. 4. Calculation of total project budget and preparation of annual business income statement 
  5. 5. Negotiate with broker for sale of the property
  6. 6. Negotiate with financial institutions for financing
  7. 7. Contract
  8. 8. Start construction
  9. 9. Recruitment
  10. 10. Operation


Share Riet Suginami Honancho

Share residence Miyazakidai

Riverside Terrace Aoba Daikanyama

Grand Maison Yokohama


  1. 1998

    • Established a company (mainly to buy real estate and to dispose of bad debts)
  2. 2009

    • Head office moved to 2-31-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    • Opened Italian wine bar named "Harajuku Bar".
  3. 2010

    • Acquired former Chunichi Shimbun Koiwa Dormitory and opened the first large-scale share house, "Share Residence Minami Koiwa" with 39 units.
  4. 2011

    • Planning and consulting for a former Daikyo Ichikawa Dormitory. Opened "Share Residence Ichikawa" with 50 units.
    • Planning and consulting for a dormitory for a former major restaurant. Opened 21 units in "Share Residence Ueno-no-Mori".
    • Renovation of a former guest house for foreigners. Share House "Share Designer's College Tama Plaza", a large-scale share house, opened with 60 units for a limited time.
    • Renovation of "Sahre Residence Risseki", a former factory/residence and dormitory that holds 21 units.
  5. 2012

    • "CATS Omotesando" opened.
    • Opened 6 units at "antique Jingumae".
    • Opened 20 units of "Shahvi Nakano," a three-family housing project and done consulting.
  6. 2013

    • Opened 85 units of "Shareview Mizue," a former Daiei dormitory, in charge of planning and consulting.
    • Opened 13 units of "Share Residence Asagaya," a two-family housing project and done consultanting.
    • Planning and consulting for a house to be rebuilt as "Yoyogi Park House" a half-year limited share house, which opened with 6 units.
    • Opened 27 units of Riverside Terrace Daikanyama, a planning and consulting firm for nursing care facilities in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
  7. 2014

    • Opened 14 units of "Share Residence Moto-Sumiyoshi", a part of a former clinic, planned and consulted
    • Opened 51 units of "Share Residence Miyazakidai," a former Nihon Unisys dormitory for bachelors, as a planner and consultant.
    • Acquired a nursing dormitory and senior citizen facility, and opened 62 units of "Queen Residence Sumiyoshi" with day care and senior citizen housing.
  8. 2015

    • Opened 58 units of "Share Residence Kokubunji," a former dormitory for Japanese Renesas employees planned and consulted.
    • Opened 15 units of "Share Residence Yokohama," a facility acquired by an electric power alumni company association in Yokohama
    • Opened 14 units of "Share Residence Tokiwadai," planned and consulted a bachelor dormitory for former pachinko parlor.
  9. 2016

    • Opened 61 units of "Share Residence Nishi-Funabashi," planned and consulted a former Alsoc one person dormitory.
    • Opened 65 units of Share Residence Tama Plaza, a former newspaper store and employee dormitory as a planner and consultant.
  10. 2017

    • 92 units of "Share Residence Aobadai," a renovated dormitory for individuals with water features, opened.
    • Opened 15 new two-story "Terrace TAK" units.
  11. 2018

    • 65 units of "Share Residence MUSACO" opened in a renovated former one person dormitory in Fujitsu.
  12. 2019

    • Opened 10 new two-story "Terrace KAM" units.
    • 27 units of "Share Residence AOI" opened in a renovated construction store and home.
    • Opened 14 units of "Ekoda Studio" whihch is a renovated construction store and home.
    • Renovated duplex to open 15 units of "Terrace Azamino".                             
  13. 2020

    • 61 units of "Share Residence Utsukushigaoka" student dormitory opened
    • Capital alliance with JR East Urban Development
    • Opened 44 units of "Shareliet Ichikawa Gyotoku", a one person dormitory acquired by JR East Urban Development as the first step of a capital alliance.
    • September: Opened a brand new 3 story building named "Glamezon Yokohama" that carries 29 new units.