Social Design


About the Sharehouse

A share house is a rental property where multiple people live together in a single residence.
Unlike other share houses, all of the share houses managed by Social Design have "private rooms" and "common areas", allowing for maximum privacy and an oppertunity to interact with other share house members.
We also have training rooms, music rooms, large lounges, work rooms, and other facilities that are usually unavailable at other rental properties.

About Your Housemates

The ratio of men to women is adjusted to be 50:50, and most of the members are in there 20s and 30s. As for nationality, 70% of the residents are Japanese and 30% are from overseas so for those who are studying foreign languages such as English, this can be an opportunity to learn how to actively use it in their daily lives.
Our staff members go through an interview process with the residents and only allow those who have been approved to live there. Therefore you can build high quality human relationships and make your stay in Japan even more meaningful.

Stepts to Take

The process to moving in is "inquiry", "viewing", "application", "screening", and "moving in", with about it taking minimum of only a week from inquiry to moving in.
Once you contact us, our staff will be more than happy to show you around and discuss any concerns you may have about living in a share house. We look farward to hearing from you.

  1. Inquiry

  2. Viewing

  3. Application

  4. Screening

  5. Moving

About one week minimum

Decision Making

When deciding on a share house to live in, you can narrow down the choices by area, cost of rent, and other factors but it's also important to consider what kind of people actually live there. Our staff members have lived in share houses managed by our company before so when viewing a share house, feel free ask for information on actual living conditions as well.

What kind of House Rules are set?

In order to ensure that residents living in share houses managed by Social Design can enjoy a comfortable life, the management has established various rules.
We will explain the details to you when we show you around the sharhouse.

How much is the cost?

As for the initial cost, it is a combination of the daily rent and common service fee for the month you move in, plus the fire insurance fee (8.000 yen) and cleaning fee (22,000 yen). There are no deposits, key money, or brokerage fees.
The monthly fee is the monthly rent of the room plus the common service fee.
Common service fee includes water, electricity, gas, and communication fee (*For some properties, please check the outline information of each property for details.) For more information, please contact us.
For more details, please refer to the room information of the share house you write about.
In addition, we regularly provide alcohol (*currently under a state of emergency), rice, coffee beans, etc. as a service.
These items are free of charge, so please feel free to share them with your fellow share house members.

Initial Cost

  • Fire insurance premium

  • Cleaning Fee

No deposit, key money, or brokerage fees are required.

Monthly Cost

  • Rent

  • Common Expenses

Common service fees include water, utilities, gas, and communication costs.

*For details, please refer to the summary information of each property.